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CANCER – Transgressions of a Demi-Idiot in White

This little book will certainly not be treated as a Nobel Prize candidate; but its content may be of interest because cancer can affect anyone at any time. However, if you are looking for an answer to cancer, you should take a look behind the scenes and read this book.

From the eighties on, I worked as a physician in Germany. All silently, I have been doing cancer research out of the scientific community until today. Both in the context of my (research) work in academic circles and in private patient care, I experienced many amazing and/or strange situations. As a “foreigner” in this country, I usually accepted strange or presumptuous comments and taunts in a sporting manner, without comments, but always with my own interpretation. I think time has come by now to make my personal memories and perspectives public. Maybe my thoughts make you, dear reader, laugh a little, perhaps sadden sometimes, but, in any case, make you think. I hope I will succeed.

Have fun thinking along.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

The treatment of cancer patients has long been the subject of a sad conflict between mainstream medicine and approaches that are described as unconventional Ways, which defame each other, sometimes more, sometimes less. The affected patients benefit the least from this trench warfare.

Due to the close networking of politics, business and prevailing academic circles, the interpretation sovereignty for the treatment obviously lies with the accredited institutions, which vehemently oppose any criticism, especially non-mainstream approaches that question their sole validity. The book presented here attempts to refute the notion that no one should claim the infallibility – with all due respect to the achievements of medical luminaries. My point of view is that the scientific community should be open to the unusual ideas with curiosity.

An urgent request to everyone: Take some time and read the little book. If the content reflects your way of thinking in one point or another, I would be very happy if you would act as a multiplier.as a private person, your association or organization, respectively.

Thank you

This website only serves  to present the fact that cancer can gently be cured by immunological modulation. Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions in western countries, it is not possible to offer this treatment to the people affected. That’s why I feel so sorry for cancer patients.

Cancer can actually be cured – and not through the destructive methods of conventional medicine, such as radiation or chemotherapy. Apart from the sever unpleasant side effects of such therapies, it has long been known that the destructive methods expose the cancer cells to physiological stress, which in turn induces even more resistant mutations. These indestructible cells ultimately lead to death. In contrast, as the cases presented here demonstrate that cancer can also be cured without destructive measures and side effects: Since the patients are treated in an autologous system, their health is in no way endangered.

I am well aware that opinions and findings which are not authorized by the academic circles ennobled with melodious titles are hardly taken into account. At the same time, some banalities from everyday practice are often published with great fanfare as groundbreaking scientific findings. They usually end with the statement “further research is required to …” or something similar. Still, the history is full with the errors of majorities and masses. Excellent rhetorical and didactic skills do not make someone a creative thinker either.

For almost 35 years I was a dedicated doctor with a scientific background  and conscientiously obeyed all the rules, therefore no one could accuse me of ethically and morally questionable behavior. Now that I am retired, I feel free from all shackles and can freely express my honest opinion. Certainly, I may not strictly comply with the rules, but always act responsibly for the benefit of my patients. The guidelines that were imposed by “appointed” people and institutions can no longer affect me.

A project like iREM can only be realized through a joint political and social effort. For me as a free-lance researcher, it is not feasible in detail, as I’m no lawyer, publicist, manager, organizer, investor etc.

If the society would be sensitive to this issue, there has been cure for cancer long time ago.

Be honest! What has changed in the past 70 years due to the “killing” of cancer cells in a living body? Still no cure for most malignancies, and if you can read the statistics correctly, you will not find astonishing differences in cancer mortality for decades – despite the amazing increase of therapeutic cost by progress.

In contrast to the common destructive methods of conventional medicine (chemotherapy, etc.), iREM (Immunological Re-Education of Malignacy) uses an alternative path in which the malignant tumor cells are transformed into a benign form by immunological instruction. In the course of a normal aging process, the “transformed” tumor cells gradually die off.

iREM is a personal, immunological treatment that is tailored to the patient’s condition;  i. e. no medication is used, rather the treatment / recovery takes place solely on the basis of the healing power of the patient’s own immune system. This should not be confused with the “personalized therapy” that is used by academic circles frequently, in which on the basis of genetic analysis most suitable selection of substances is identified from the portfolio provided by the pharmaceutical industry. The so-called immunotherapy, which is praised by academic circles, is actually nothing more than a type of chemotherapy with biological substances (cytokines, monoclonal antibodies) intended still to destroy the tumor cells. The adverse effects are very serious. Therefore, these two approaches are diametrically opposed to each other: personal (= immunologically based) therapy vs. personalized, but standardized (= industrialized) treatment.

Which patients may benefit from iREM?
A number of criteria are decisive for a successful treatment: Age, vitality, mobility, tumor load (amount), a reasonable life expectancy – and as little chemotherapy as possible: Such pre-treatment may result in various tumor mutations, which means that tumor cells may alter their characteristics or immunogenicity. In addition, iREM-trained immune cells are likely to be destroyed by cytostatic agents immediately upon re-injection. This, indeed, would probably undermine the expected success of iREM. Therefore, the best chances of curing are probably for “virgin”, i. e. not aggressively treated patients and not the terminal stage of cancer diseases, respectively.