Homo sapiensa and his Hybris

Everything in the universe is so simple, unless humans make it complicated deliberately!

I can guarantee both a smile and a frown while reading this book. Only the most steadfest of you will be able to read it to the end: This book, partially not easy to swallow, is a burning mirror through which almost everyone can see their true nature – and this is not always soul flattering, as is well known.

Seasoning with autobiographical anecdotes, I express here my very personal perspective on current issues such as religion, humanism, social and environmental issues. It’s an absolutely counterintuitive and audacious point of view. But I am sure they will give you a special reading pleasure.

Human being is a master of self-deception. All of his solutions of today were and are unfortunately insurmountable problems of tomorrow. Are we headed for an all-destructive fiasco with our hybris? The unsolvable human problem was and is a problem for itself and the cause of other problems in the world.

The book is unfortunately only available in German for now.

You can find it at AMAZON